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I talked about file sharing, back on Jan 16, 2014, about Dropbox. However, I need to expand on the file sharing options that are popular and the ones that I use.   So the most popular ones out there are the following: Dropbox OneDrive Google Drive Copy Box This view […]

Cloud Storage Options

So the last post was awhile back and they have been lacking before that, now that the football season is winding down. The freshman finished up the season with 2 loss both to Salem and the varsity team is moving on to the playoffs. So that might give me some […]

Back on track..

I did a post about Office 365 and the iPad back on July 14, 2014 ( I have been using this for some time now and I really enjoy it. I am writing this post on the iPad with an attached keyboard.     This is a great tool to […]

MS Word for the iPad

If you have a gmail account I would check out this web site It will check to make sure your account is safe. If not, then you will need to fix it. But you might want to follow the suggestions in the article. Change your password to something […]

Gmail password hacked

I work in the tech industry and the way the world is going things should be done quickly as that is what we are used to. I was helping a customer the other day, he was from Switzerland, he was trying to order a couple of domain names from our […]

Watch what you put out there

According to PC World, Virginia has the fastest Internet in the USA.  The speed tops out at 13.7 megabits per second that is something of a disappointment.  Isn’t the USA supposed be the leader of the technology movement? Here is the top 20 fastest internet connections in the world well […]

Who has got the fastest Internet?

When cell phones first came out they were big.  Take a look at the brick   Then they started to get smaller and until we can these   Now we have Here is another picture of the path of the cell phones have taken   So here we have been […]

Cell phone screen size

I have been thinking of trying to update my home with a lot of technology. I mean it already has a 100mbs network and half of it is a 1gbs network. I have movie servers, file servers, and an Exchange server to handle my mail. But I would like to […]

Smart Lock

Tablets Netbooks were killed by the tablet and you know what it wasn’t Apple’s Idea in the first place. The history of the tablet because it started way before 2010 when the iPad was launched. In 1987 the Linux Write-top came out. It was one of the first handwriting-recognition tablets. […]


Back when I got my first cell phone, the battery lasted a long time. If I was in my car I really couldn’t charge it as in car charging wasn’t an option for my model of phone. So I had to keep a second battery handy.   (Yes, that is […]

Cell phone battery going quickly.

When I was in High school I could write a paper and never worry about plagiarism as there was no way to check it. I am not saying that I ever plagiarized something, I could have or couldn’t have. As time has evolved so has the check for plagiarism. Right […]

Plagiarism and Office 2013

For the longest time I have wanted utilize the iPad in the way I have envisioned. Using the iPad to write Word documents, Excel documents, and Power points on the go. You know this would be so nice to do with out lagging a laptop around all over the place. […]

Office 365 and the iPad

Computers have changed our world, so think about when you brought your last computer? For me I brought a couple of Laptops a few years ago. But for my desktop computer it was in 2004 when I built my own desktop with the best technology out there at the time. […]

Computer or Tablet?

Facebook just came out with an option to make more money for them. They want to take your personal information of the 1.3 billion users and their web browsing habits. This is nothing new to Facebook as they have been doing target ads for a long time now based on […]

Facebook Targeted ads

I thought this was an interesting little video. This was done in 1959. It explains what went on and how they did this. To connect the Old World (Europe) to the New World (North America). This is a great step in our telecom history. Give it a watch.   Here […]

Cable to the Continent

So now days there are a lot of smartphones, not everyone has one, but for the ones that have one can download an app and in a large gathering or a class room where there is a lot of people. You can simply click on the app and it will […]

Wireless mic for smartphones

Over on my facebook page ( I recently published something about Luggage tags and how to track them. So here is the idea. You will get a text when it is taken off the plane or taken beyond a designated geo-fence. You can also light up a LED on the […]

Luggage tags

The history of telephone services since the 1984 breakup of AT&T. In 1982 AT&T was the only player in the telephone business but with the Justice department and antirust suit AT&T plans to break up and form 7 baby bells. 1984 The breakup takes place and the 7 bells are […]

Phone companies since 1984

For the longest time I have always wanted to scan stuff in my cupboard so I know what is in there at anytime. However, this device isn’t what I am looking for but if you are wanting to shop online at then this is for you What […]

Scanning stuff in your cupboard

Twitter is now 8 years old, do you know what your first tweet was, and I have found mine it is Is enjoying a night out at the Orem Owls watching some base ball. 7:48 PM – 26 Jun 2010 This was found here You will most likely have […]


I have an old camcorder that uses VHS tapes, I know so old school of me. I would still like to convert these over to the digital footage so I can stream it on the media server. You can do some things for this, you can try to plug it […]

Rescue Vintage Camcorder Footage

Domain privacy is a service offered by domain name registrars. This is an extra fee that you can add when you register a domain name. The whois information provides the following information that can be seen on the internet. Domain Name: Domain ID: Creation Date: Updated Date: Registry Expiry Date: Sponsoring Registrar: Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: WHOIS Server: Referral URL: Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited […]

Domain Privacy

So you are sitting there at work or school and you are bored out of your mind, like that never happens.  You would like to play a game but you don’t have your tablet with you or you are sitting at your computer and you don’t want to find your […]

App Player for your computer