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Web hosting what is it and do I really need it.  The answer is yes you do need it, if you intend to have e-mail address for your domain name and some web hosting space.  How much space will I need? That all depends on what you plan on doing […]

Web hosting

You have a business maybe it is small maybe it is a fortune 500 business, However, this is going out there to the small businesses.  The best thing to do to boost your business is get a website and go social.  In this posting I will be talking about domains […]

E-mail address

So you set up your e-mail address on your new domain name. Now the question is what do I do with the domain name. I have talked to people who just by the domain name and do nothing with it. You don’t have to have a great web site that […]

Domain Names

You have to be careful out there on the web.  I was helping a customer out and they had a Trojan on the website in which they didn’t tell me at the time.  Once I opened up the website the Trojan was downloaded and within minutes the Trojan had my […]


Have you ever used the Instagram app on your mobile device? It is all about pictures and a lot of pictures.  You can share this with your Facebook account, Twitter, Email, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare. Now they have an option to take a 15 second Video and show people what […]


Have you switched over to the new e-mail address? If not then you will be converted over to the new interface. takes to you the new interface.  It is a nice change but it really isn’t what I thought it would be.  I thought it would be […]

Hotmail is dead

Drop box is a convenient way to keep things organized and you can access it from anywhere. I remember back in the 80’s when I would carry around some notebooks with my stories and other things. In the 90’s I would carry my Franklin Planner around with some 3.5” floppy disks with […]

File sharing

It is has been hard to figure out what I need to talk about. I have a lot on my mind and it is hard to write about everything at one time. So I picked a subject of Note taking. Note taking is a common thing that we all do […]

Note taking

So if I were to choose one over the other it would be the Evernote note taking application. Why? It is a far better at note organizing and taking. It will auto sync with all off my devices and I haven’t had a problem with this.  OneNote requires the use […]

OneNote or EverNote

Last time I talked about Microsoft One Note for not taking now I will talk about Ever note which is another note taking application.  I downloaded Evernote for the laptop and started to use this for my notes for Physics 2020.  I found that Evernote was in fact user friendly […]


Kindle reader, I got one for my wife when they first came out and then she upgraded to a kindle fire when they came out.  So I inherited the Kindle reader. I have enjoyed it and have read some books off of it. My oldest likes to read with it. […]

Kindle Reader

One note is a computer program that you can use to gather information and have it all in one spot.  You can use this to keep a lot of notes from a lot of different types of places. You can divide your notes into different sections within the notebooks. It […]

Microsoft One Note

So you have a family and you are all busy and trying to keep track of everything, ball games, school, work, family things the good old calendar in the Kitchen doesn’t quite cut it anymore.  The mobile devices that are everywhere now days why not have something that will keep […]

Keeping things together..

This will be my spot for random things about the technology that we all use and that I enjoy. So please come back and read up on what I am talking about. You can always view our FAQ section as well. If you would like to submit a question please […]

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