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Neat Scanner   So I got one of those neat receipt scanners last year and it has been a good use. There are three different types of neat receipt scanners to choose from Neat Connect: You can scan straight to Neat cloud, however, this requires a subscription that is included. […]

Neat Scanners

So if you are an Apple fan and want to get the latest iPhone, then you will have to wait until June of 2014. Right now there are two iPhones the 5C and the 5S, priced at $99.99 and $199.99. The 5C is a bit cheaper with a plastic case. […]

Apple iPhone 6

According to netcraft ( there are 644 Million active websites on the internet, so here are some websites that are still active, but old.   Space Jam (1996) This is the website for the movie space jam, the height of 1996 and the graphics that was used.   Internet […]

Web sites

So while you are sitting here reading this, look around your desk and look for the following: Where are my keys? Where is my phone? Where is my wallet, purse? Do I lock my desk when I leave? Do I lock my laptop to my desk while at work? Do […]

Are you safe..

We cut the cord to the cable and the Satellite that was just a huge expense to bear every month.  Why pay a lot of money if you only watch a few channels.  We made the switch from high price TV to Netflix and Hulu and we haven’t looked back. […]

Upgrade for Netflix

You are out traveling and the kids want to watch a DVD on the DVD player what do you do. Have the passenger use the Redbox app on the iPhone. The app will help us find the nearest Red box, even browse the movies and reserve them so you can […]


So the Instagram app added a feature awhile back and it was the add video to the photo taking software. Now the ability to add video from the camera roll is just a great option. I like to take video but I don’t like to use Instagram all the time […]

Instagram Video upgrade

I don’t know about you but I like Pizza, however, I have always hated picking up the phone and trying to order it. You never know what specials they have going on and it seemed it took forever. Then the Internet came along and that made ordering a bit more […]


When setting up e-mail the big questions is what should I use pop or imap.  Well that all depends on what you are doing with your e-mail and how you will be accessing it over time.  Here is a breakdown of the two most popular ways. POP What POP does […]

E-mail set up

I had an old HP 7310 Printer and it was working just great on then one day, it just stopped working that is after I spent about $75 on ink.  I went out and got another printer this one is a HP 8600 printer.  I like this printer it has […]


My dad kept track of everything that had to do with the car he drove.  When it came time to sell a car, he had records of every service done to the car, every LOF, brake pad change. When it came time for gas he could show you the notebooks […]

Gas Chubby App

I pay for Hulu so that makes me a Hulu plus user and I have a couple of complaints about Hulu. First of all if I pay for the service I shouldn’t to suffer thru the ads. That should be for the free service not for the plus members.  Also […]