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The history of telephone services since the 1984 breakup of AT&T. In 1982 AT&T was the only player in the telephone business but with the Justice department and antirust suit AT&T plans to break up and form 7 baby bells. 1984 The breakup takes place and the 7 bells are […]

Phone companies since 1984

For the longest time I have always wanted to scan stuff in my cupboard so I know what is in there at anytime. However, this device isn’t what I am looking for but if you are wanting to shop online at then this is for you What […]

Scanning stuff in your cupboard

Twitter is now 8 years old, do you know what your first tweet was, and I have found mine it is Is enjoying a night out at the Orem Owls watching some base ball. 7:48 PM – 26 Jun 2010 This was found here You will most likely have […]