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Computers have changed our world, so think about when you brought your last computer? For me I brought a couple of Laptops a few years ago. But for my desktop computer it was in 2004 when I built my own desktop with the best technology out there at the time. […]

Computer or Tablet?

Facebook just came out with an option to make more money for them. They want to take your personal information of the 1.3 billion users and their web browsing habits. This is nothing new to Facebook as they have been doing target ads for a long time now based on […]

Facebook Targeted ads

I thought this was an interesting little video. This was done in 1959. It explains what went on and how they did this. To connect the Old World (Europe) to the New World (North America). This is a great step in our telecom history. Give it a watch.   Here […]

Cable to the Continent