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I have been thinking of trying to update my home with a lot of technology. I mean it already has a 100mbs network and half of it is a 1gbs network. I have movie servers, file servers, and an Exchange server to handle my mail. But I would like to […]

Smart Lock

Tablets Netbooks were killed by the tablet and you know what it wasn’t Apple’s Idea in the first place. The history of the tablet because it started way before 2010 when the iPad was launched. In 1987 the Linux Write-top came out. It was one of the first handwriting-recognition tablets. […]


Back when I got my first cell phone, the battery lasted a long time. If I was in my car I really couldn’t charge it as in car charging wasn’t an option for my model of phone. So I had to keep a second battery handy.   (Yes, that is […]

Cell phone battery going quickly.

When I was in High school I could write a paper and never worry about plagiarism as there was no way to check it. I am not saying that I ever plagiarized something, I could have or couldn’t have. As time has evolved so has the check for plagiarism. Right […]

Plagiarism and Office 2013

For the longest time I have wanted utilize the iPad in the way I have envisioned. Using the iPad to write Word documents, Excel documents, and Power points on the go. You know this would be so nice to do with out lagging a laptop around all over the place. […]

Office 365 and the iPad