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It appears that if you have an iPhone and you have wondered why Google is the default search provider. Or did you even notice since you use it all the time.  Well according to the lawsuit currently going on right with between Oracle and Google. It was revealed that Google […]

Do you have an extra Billion..

So you have a windows operating system (OS) and you have that wall paper that comes standard with the OS. It gets boring just looking at that. I am sure you all know how to change the wallpaper to something that you like. Did you know that you could have […]

Windows Wallpaper

So have you ever had your Credit Card skimmed?Don’t know what I am talking about?  I am not talking about skimming the floating matter from the surface of a liquid, with a spoon or a ladle.  I am talking about the skimming of credit card data from a ATM or […]

Skimming of Credit Cards

So with all the Hype out there about security and securing your accounts with strong passwords, then you would think that financial institutions remain light years behind authenticating their customers. But the bad guys are way ahead of them at getting into our accounts. So read this article about this, […]

Lazy Authentication still the norm…

Here are 12 Technologies that died in 2015, well according to PC World. Sidecar (2012-2015) Well for something I haven’t heard of I am not too surprised by this, but Uber and Lyft is doing well. Windows RT (2012-2015) Oh thank goodness.. This was a mistake from the beginning. If […]

12 Technologies that died in 2015

So this is a new year for the website. I have made some minor changes to the web site. Watch the video to know what is going on and what I hope this web site will do. Also what I will try and do this year with the web site.

New Year for the website…