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What is a reminder? That is the question we have to ask. What is worthy of a reminder? Why would I need a reminder anyway? Well, apple has an app for that called reminders. It is a useful way to keep track of things that you might need help remembering. […]

Apple–iCloud Reminders

For the next couple of blog posts I will be talking about Contacts and Reminders, now they aren’t new apps for Apple. However, I have a new opinion on these apps. For one of classes I had to write a 15 page paper on something and I choose to write […]

Apple–i Cloud Contacts

Sorry about the earlier post of nothing if you saw it. Been using the WordPress App for iPad and it threw up an error and left me without any content. So here is today’s post   It is like it says it is, Find my Friends, Yes you do have […]

Apple App: Find Friends

I had such high hopes for this video app as it could help make my videos a great. Since I need a lot of help on this front. So I put together a short 6:46 min video. You can do a lot of things with this app on the iPad. […]

Apple App: iMovie

So today’s App is Keynote and yes this is Apple’s version of PowerPoint.  So let’s take a look at it and what it can do. They have a couple of different options to choose from Standard Wide Both of them have the same options to choose from just different looks. […]

Apple App: Keynote

More on Apple Apps on the iPad air. This one (Picture of App is to the left and it is called numbers. You guessed it, Apple’s version of a Spreadsheet.  You can do a lot of things with this application. It is the same as the pages app. You work […]

Apple App: Numbers

So something happened to my post today, it disappeared. So here it is. So on the iPad there is an app that looks like this (to your right)… Opening it up you are taken to a spot where you can create a document, sort of like you can in Microsoft […]

Apple App — Pages

This app (below) appeared on your iPad, and you wondered what it is. Well I took a look at this and here is what it looks like. You can click on each one of the ones that you want and then click continue. It will set up all the news you […]

Apple App: News

50 Years of Super Bowls have come and gone and now we are moving towards number 51. The Denver Broncos are the champions!!!! Yes, I like that. If my favorite team couldn’t play well at least my 2nd favorite could play in their house. (Meaning the 4ers are my favorite) […]

Super Bowl 50 Ads…

So you have a new iPad and you notice this app (which is below to the right). I know that I saw it and thought, what the heck is this, I am not in a band. So why is this here. Just another stupid ass Apple app that I will […]

Apple App: GarageBand

Awhile back I posted a question to my Facebook and Linkend timelines. Didn’t get much activity off of the Linkend but the Facebook got a bit of talk. here is the question. For all the people out there that are Managers or supervisors some questions for you. How do you […]

Boss vs Leader