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Well it is an iPhone 6,I have moved from the previous post awhile back started out with the iPhone 3G and moved to a 4S and now the iPhone 6. This has been a good move as it took what i was doing with 2 devices and made it into […]

My planner now

Well it really wasn’t the best thing to do, but here is what I did. I took my PDA, a Palm One, Tungsten model  By this time, I had integrated the PDA with MS Outlook, (e-mail client), Since that is what I was using quite a bit at home and […]

Phone and PDA together

The Franklin planner worked for me for a while then this thing called a Palm Pilot came out. This is the first one I got. This little gadget helped me better manage my time. I was able to carry it with me at all times. It came with some software […]

Palm Pilot planner

So my after high school planner kind of lasted until sometime in college. By the time I switched over to a Franklin planner. I had combined the time masters and the day runner planner. But I wanted to get a Franklin, since it was the granddaddy of the planner at […]

College planner

So the high school planner worked for high school, but what about after high school. All I did was work and work. I didn’t really have anything to organize. So why did I need to manage my time. I worked from 9 to 5 and that was it. I didn’t […]

After High School Planner

So I still haven’t managed my time very well…. Other things came that prevented me from posting this one on time. My senior year of high school, I sat in my marketing class thinking of a way to keep track of everything. In between flirting with the cute blonde that […]

High School Planner

So I have been watching videos over at and I was watching a video on time management. I have always been a big fan of time management. Trying to master it, trying to get the most of time. You have to manage it wisely, or you will lose out on […]

Time Management

You might not agree with Tomi Lahren, but she hits this right on the spot. I notice this all the time, At Red Lights Out to dinner Ball games Shopping and so on I know that I am guilty of doing this. When did this become a problem? You see […]

Cell Phone

Facebook all over again…. that is what I am thinking.  The question is what are they thinking? People are moving away from Facebook. I know I hate how it takes my feed and put up top posts first. I could go on and on about this but this post is […]

Instagram feed

You are an Instagram legend, and you have more then one account. Or you have kids and you want to switch between the accounts easy on your cell phone to monitor what is going there. Well now Instagram has finally given us that option.  Something that has been on my […]

Instagram more accounts

So just like on Friday we have 15 Excel Keyboard shortcuts that will help you become a spreadsheet master. I took an Excel class once and I learned a lot, however, I never learned the shortcuts. It is fine if you know how to a pivot table. How to figure […]

15 Excel keyboard shortcuts…