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Given yesterday was Memorial day, here in the United States of America, I took the day off from posting. I did this in honor of all the people who fought and lost their lives protecting our freedoms and liberties. All the freedoms that we experience now and days are due […]

Memorial Day

Cutting cable and getting Hulu was a good thing, I used to watch it all the time, however, I only watch it once in a while now days. It still gets used, but not by me. We had Hulu Plus, but it still had commercials and in my opinion it […]

Hulu — Changing

When I was growing up we would flock to the mall as it was a place to hang out, meet people, go to the movies, and play video games in arcades. But now the malls are a dying brand. The mall started in 1956. The first mall opened up outside […]

Urban Malls Today..

I am sure that for all of you that have an iPhone that we know how to work it. But for some, they didn’t know the iPhone can do these things. So check out this article over at and hopefully you will learn something new your iPhone can do. […]

10 iPhone tricks

Since we cut cable/satellite a few years back, we haven’t looked back.  Yes, we have the following: Netflix Hulu plus Amazon Prime Feeln Sling If I do watch TV shows like NCIS, I can watch it online at  So having the above services, and my media server, which I […]

Binge Watching

So this has been an issue of late. Last week was national password day. Which meant to look at your passwords to make sure they are secure. This article from USA today talks about 5 passwords things to avoid. Passwords are an very important thing now days, they allow you […]


I did a post about Excel not to long ago, this is just a follow up on that post. So I took an Excel class a couple of summers back. It was required for my Information technology degree. I thought I knew Microsoft (MS) Excel pretty good. I mean I […]

Microsoft Excel Tips – Excel.Tips.Net

So the last several posts have been about my attempt to be better at time management. If I have taken the video I watched into heart. I have in a way but there is so much more that I can do to be better manage my time. Get things organized, […]

More Time management