Monthly Archives: July 2016

So if you have eaten at Wendy’s at any point in the last 8 months, I would watch your accounts, that is if you have used your Debit Card, or Credit Card. Wendy’s is the latest company to fall victim to malware, well not really victim since we are the […]

The Wendy’s Company Updates

Today is Independence Day for the United States of America. So there won’t be a post about anything to do with technology. But I just wanted to touch on a few things. The country in which I live in, the United States of America, has been around since 1776 when […]

Independence Day

So I have had an iPhone for a while now and Apple decided to put this thing on there called a health app, this came about in iOS 8. Before this you could have your health data in more than one place and that could get very frustrating since you […]

Health — iPhone App