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If you ever use Evernote and was used to having this sync with all of your devices. Well that just changed. Evernote just messed it up. So instead of having Evernote sync to all of your devices like iPad iPhone Laptop Home Desktop Work computer Work Laptop If you are […]

Evernote changes the tiers..

Hi, I am calling from the computer maintenance department about your Windows PC. Me: you are calling about my computer? Them: Yes. Me: Which one, I have 6 sitting in front of me and another 12 in the other room. Them: Your Windows one Me: Which one? Them: Your Windows […]

Computer maintenance…

Sorry about Friday… I was moving offices for work and completely forgot about posting until after 8PM. So today’s we will talking about my experience of upgrading to windows 10 on two different computers. Windows 8.1 This seemed to be the smoothest upgrade I have done. The download started and […]

Windows 10 upgrade..

So if you have updated your Instagram lately, I am mean within the last two days. You are in for a surprise. According to the update notes, take a look at my Instagram post. So if you didn’t know about it, Instagram has rolled out something new in the update […]

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