Monthly Archives: October 2016

So last Friday the internet suffered some issues. The following websites where affected: Google Spotify Twitter Netflix To name a few.  All these had one thing in common, they used the same Domain Name System (DNS) Company DYN. So what happened, well it was a distributed denial of service attack […]

Why it was easy to hack webcams that took down ...

So it appears that everyone is getting into the streaming playing field. I understand that movie viewership is down this year. I can see why. The food is overpriced, the floors are sticky, and seats are sometimes uncomfortable…. But that isn’t the reason I am writing today. The reason is […]

Google’s Unplugged TV service signs deal with CBS

Not really Tech related but… So you like to watch TV, I know I do. But do you like to get together with people and watch it as a group.  Like having a theme party with a group of people or just your spouse. It is a big social experience. […]

An extrovert’s guide to watching TV