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The CBS App is just like the ABC app you can watch current TV shows, well at least the last 5 episodes so that makes it nice so I can watch   NCIS LA   The Great Indoors  Kevin can Wait  and so on, there really is just a few shows. The […]


ABC app is where we will start out. Since it is the first letter of the alphabet. You can watch the current shows that is currently on ABC. Like take The Catch, this is a show I watch. Right now I can watch all 7 episodes. I had to connect […]


Do you remember when you had to be home to watch one of 7 channels on your TV? Then you got a VCR and you could record some shows so you could have a life. Then a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and you could watch it whenever and record whatever […]

TV apps

I have been thinking about a product for awhile that would improve my life and like be totally awesome. It is a drone that you can deploy and it will take video of you or pictures. You could stream via FaceBook Live or just record video and then upload it […]

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