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The first-weekday lineup which normally would include Monday Night football on ABC, but that went a way a few years ago when it moved to ESPN.  What does Monday night hold for us? Breakdown of Monday The shows that are worth watching ABC Trying to be positive, but with two […]

Monday Night Lineup

Sunday is the day we are going to cover today.  And we will be breaking it down by time and network, sorry on the major networks, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and the CW. So let’s get started. (Click on the image below) Breakdown of Sunday The shows that are worth […]

Sunday TV Lineup

Can you believe it that is Aug 26, 2017, which means that 2018 is coming upon us, it also means the following: School is back in session Football is back (College and High School, sorry no NFL for me) Baseball is winding down, go Dodgers!! New TV season is upon […]

Fall TV schedule for 2017

If you are on Instagram you will see a lot of pictures. Some of them are interesting and some of them, well let’s just say it is an overload of things.  Behind that photo Every time a photo is taken some one is behind the camera and it is a […]

Instagram Husbands

I have been thinking of getting a Ring doorbell or something like it. There are several options out there. Here are the top smart doorbells out there: Ring Skybell Vivint August Zmodo Vtech Chui Face There could be more out there Why get one: Here is a list of reasons […]

Doorbell Video

So this happening now and what do all I have to say is WTF???   Microchipped  This is when you get a chip put inside of you to help you do things or get things done. The chip can be filled with all sort of vital information which is all […]

Who wants to get ‘chipped’?