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The new iPhone X is out and that the price tag is like $1,000 dollars. What can you buy for that much well, let’s break it down: You can buy one of the following laptops: MacBook Air Price tag of $979 Surface Laptop Price tag of $999 Surface Pro 2017 […]

iPhone X is out

If you travel there is one thing you need and that is Wi-Fi. Yes, this is an essential part of life nowadays.  I went to a friends cabin and there was no Wi-Fi and it was like what am I going to do. The cell service wasn’t that well good. USA Today […]

Traveling with Wi-Fi

Here is how Saturday looking like: Well, my Saturday night is more than watching football and basketball.  So I most likely won’t be watching TV, well actual TV. I will be watching other things if I have time. If I have time ABC Fall Saturday Night Football Winter NBA Countdown […]

Saturday Night break down

Closer to the week end and things might be looking good. I am saddened that ABC decided to cancel one of the watched shows on the network. That show was Last Man Standing and well they have nothing of interest I would watch. Well, that wouldn’t stay in on a […]

Friday line up

Closer to the week end and things might be looking good. Breakdown of Thursday The shows that are worth watching and it is labeled ABC Not worth my time CBSFootball, NFL (9/28) Maybe it all depends Late Fall Big Bang (11/2) Yes of course S.W.A.T (11/2) Should be interesting The […]

Thursday Night Line Up.

Hump day!! This is the week that is going towards the weekend Breakdown of Wednesday The shows that are worth watching ABC The Goldbergs (9/27) Most awesome show Speechless (9/27) This is a great show Modern Family (9/27) Love this show CBS Seal Team (9/27) The CW I will have […]

Wednesday Night Line up

Tuesday night is a good night for TV watching if you ask me. A lot of good shows on. Breakdown of Tuesday The shows that are worth watching ABC The Middle (10/3) This is an awesome show CBS NCIS (9/26) This is a great show, and it ended on a […]

Tuesday Night Line up