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You go out and buy a home assistant, Google, Amazon or from wherever and you think that this is the best thing ever. Nothing could go wrong, right? Well, you are in for a big surprise.

Home Assistants

The idea behind these gadgets is to help you out. Like Amazon’s Alexa here are some things it can do for you:

  1. Voice Cast
  2. Find your lost phone
  3. Buy things on Amazon
  4. Arrange a ride
  5. Operate smart home devices
  6. Find Easter eggs (no not from the Easter bunny)
    1. You can set phasers to kill
    2. Show me the money

The Google home assistant can do:

  1. Music
  2. Smart home control
  3. Reminders
  4. Phone Calls
  5. Finding your stuff
  6. Asking questions

The list can go on and on for these things.

Their one job

They are able to listen to you and record everything you say and send it back to home bases like Amazon and Google. Wait, what?? Yes, you heard that right. They will record everything you say and send it away. As reported on the dailymail.co.uk (in the link at the bottom) So if you are having an argument, if you are passionate or romantic then it will record everything.  Just like the smart TV’s did a few years back, these home assistants are doing it.

Android Police

Well, that is what they call themselves, they found this little flaw. According to the article, which is below, “Without fail, every time anew listening device comes to market, some tinfoil hat-wearer points out how perfect they would be as modern-day Trojan horses for any of the three-letter acronym organizations – NSA, CIA, FBI –you name it.

So basically, the home mini will wake up, record what you say and then send that to Google. Now I am not sure what is happening to those recordings. But still, that is an invasion of your privacy.

What is next?

With the ever-evolving technology that is being developed, it seems that we have or privacy reduced little by little.  Where everything is being recorded and listened to. Yes, I have smart TV’s and I was afraid that they were listening to me. But I haven’t had any of the Three letter acronym organizations know on my door yet. However, the recording of what I am saying by these assistants is why I don’t have one yet.  

Read the article below and see what you think.



Global users of Google’s recently released Home Mini smart speaker may have had their speech monitored and recorded after a flaw with the gadget’s long-press gesture function.

Source: Home Mini smart speaker flaw could let Google spy on you | Daily Mail Online

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