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This caught my attention very quickly as I have 4 HP laptops. You could say that I was shocked and surprised by this article. If you bought an HP laptop within the last five (5) years, you might have one of the 500 laptops installed with a Keylogger on it. 

What is a KeyLogger

A keylogger is a what it sounds like. It logs all of your keystrokes and either send them to someone or keeps it in a file on your local machine. This is very bad for you. This is how people get passwords, personal information, bank accounts and so forth. Click here for more information

Where was this hidden

This keylogger was found in a driver for the Synaptics touchpad. HP said that the logger was disabled by default and needed to be activated by administrative privileges. But this could have happened to other laptops with the Synaptics touchpad installed, according to the HP security bulletin. 

What does this all mean

Well, this means that somewhere along the route of the touchpad someone inserted this keylogging software, not sure why. Was it to be funny? Testing the security? Did they plan to exploit the software? How can I tell if mine was affected? Well, you will have to find your model number and then download the update that will fix it. In the security bulletin, it contains separate software updates for every HP laptop that had this keylogger.  

There are 475 affected laptops with 303 of those being consumer laptops. 

How to find if I am affected

Here is a video of how to find your Model, Product and Serial Number on your HP Notebook

As always click on the link below to read what PCWorld had to say. 


475 HP laptops were discovered to have a keylogger hidden in their touchpad software.

Source: HP patches hundreds of laptops to remove hidden keylogger | PCWorld

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