I found this video on Facebook. don’t get me started on Facebook. But this is something that we can all relate too.  Watch it and then continue below. 


This is what I got out of the video.  That we all have to have some form a motivation. Doesn’t matter what it is we just need to have that “Why am I doing this” then we have our whys. 

The following question has come up to me on several occasions, “Justin, Why are you doing this stupid blog?” Yes, they have said the word stupid. There go my self-esteem and self-confidence out the window.  (Maybe they were raised right, who knows)

Why am I doing this? 

For me, it is all about something that I want. I wanted to make some money from my websites so I can do something that I enjoy. I like to write and express my opinions about things that I like. 

My motivation

My motivation or motivations are pretty selfish, I guess.  When people ask that question above, that pushes my motivation. I just want to be a better person.  (Secretly, I just want to be better than you (dumbass)) Yes, money motivates me and having this site brings in $100 dollars a week or a $1,000,000 that would be a great motivator, but I know I have a long time before that happens. 

But, my motivation is just to be a better person and hopefully, someone out that could benefit from one of my posts.

Yes, I will reward my self, with most likely some sort of food item. If I achieve something.  

Only 10 min 

The comment made by her in her head, I have only been here for 10 min. Yes, sometimes it seems like you are working away and find that you need to take a break since you have been working since 7 AM and come to find out that it is only 7:45 AM. Then you are like, dang I thought I have been going forever and needed lunch. 

I have come to realize that if you want something you have to put some hours into it. I have been reading some books about how to have a successful blog followed by thousands of people. The first thing they say is you have to put time into it. At least 2 hours a day for the first year. 

I have started out on this adventure on March 31, 2012, that was some 6 years ago. However, the posts only go back until January of 2014. 

There have been times where I have put in a lot of hours on writing and posting. But nothing of trying to make money on this blog. 

Trying to find that time, that is the hard part. It should be easy since both of my kids are grown up and I can focus on what I need to do. 

Need to figure out things

Yes, I have a lot of idea of how to do this. I even went out and bought 2 new domain names to help bring in the money. But so far, one domain has sat there with nothing on it yet and points over here for now. The other one a traveling website. I had some great visions of traveling and blogging about it and making money. Here are what is holding me back. 

  • You have to have money to travel. 
  • You have to know how to make money from the blog. ( just been giving out free publicity to where I go) 
  • Self-confidence in one’s self. ( I currently don’t have any)  
  • Time

I can figure out the top 2 and that will depend on the bottom one, time. 


Right now I am being pulled in about 20 different directions and they all require time. I really should have done all this when I had 8 hours of graveyard shift to figure this all out. Now that I have a job that is demanding of me, to work all my hours on work stuff. It makes that hard. 

Yes, I do need to make a plan and abide by that to make my network of blogs more profitable so I can do the things I need to do. So my motivation can become a reality. 


I have been told most of my life, by some teachers, so back in elementary school, JR. High and even high school tell me I will not make it far in life. I am not that smart. Even nowadays, I am told that. That really gets to your core and you begin to tell your self the things that these are might be true and you aren’t smart or are a big ASS loser. 

Enough is enough… I am going to focus on myself and I am going to make something of my self. Prove all these doubters wrong. Then watch them beg me for something because I have something they don’t. 


So don’t get down on your self and just push ahead. Life is what you make of it. Don’t let the doubters win. 

I will update you the two other domains later on. Let me get the one up and running then I will tell you about them. 

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