New Direction

In the past couple of years, I really haven’t been posting a lot on this blog as I should be. Been focused on some other things in my life.  But I have decided I need to make a change in my life and the change in this website.

Changing it up

Why am I changing this up? That is the million dollar question, and I ask myself that question all the time. Can I change up the format on this website? Yes, it can as it is my website and the title is and not or something like that. So I can change it up and make it go any direction I want it to go in. I can have cat videos or all about memes.

What Direction

I really haven’t found the direction, I am still thinking of the direction I am wanting to go. But for now I am going to take a personal journey out to the public and hopefully, it will motivate me. To reach my goal and all of my followers (like 3) can see my journey from start to finish.


I said something that I would end of regretting it. When I was a teenager, I was 150 pounds, skinny as crap. I was alethic I could eat anything and never put on the weight. I was awesome, will in my mind I was. Like I was a know it all with the intelligence of a 15-year snot nose kid. 

Tune in for the next post to read what I said, and what I am going to do.

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