Weight Gain

***This post will reflect on my past and to some people this might hit a sour note with them. They think that I am regressing in my past, but they have to grow up and realize that this is my area or domain and not theirs and so they can go and whine somewhere else.

When I was in 8th grade I weighed 150 lbs. and that is where I remained until I graduated high school. I then I went up to 165 LBS, that was due to my decreased activity in the physical realm of the world.

Gaining Weight…

By the time I was 21, I was up to 220 lbs., this was due to my lower physical activity. I wasn’t completely lazy, I rode my bike for about a year. But I still didn’t watch my food intake. I just loved the taste of food. My depression was still around and food was just a coping device for me. So it was either I would fat or I could exercise. LOL who in their right mind would do this. I know there are people who like to do this exercise. I just like to eat.

I put on most of my weight when I started to work graveyards at one of my jobs. That is really when my eating habits went down the drain. I ate fast food at night when going to work, then eating some more junk food, before I slept for like 3 hours, then back up eating non-healthy food.

What did I eat

So I really wanted to eat healthily, but that just took too much for me to do. Going on 3 hours asleep, and my life was just so busy. Here is what I ate weekly:

• Panda Express
• Subway
• Wendy's 
• McDonald's 
• Arby's 
• Burger Supreme 

Plus anything else that I thought might be good. This route wasn’t really the best one, but it was the state of mind I was in. Depression was still rearing it’s ugly head so I was eating to cope with it. I bloomed up to over 300 and that is something I am not proud of.

How big

Actually, I am ashamed of how big I had become and people were talking about me. They weren’t too quiet about it. They didn’t hide it very well. But, oh well right, as long as they think that is OK, right. So now I am working on not being so big and trying to be healthy.


So what is the plan to get this weight down to what I want it to be? We will discuss this at a later time as I go down my path.

Wonder what they will say about me.

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