You have all these apps I have talked about and you are wishing that there was a way to centralize them so you can only go to one place to see them. Well, welcome to the TV app on the iPad and iPhone. Right now I have the following apps […]

iOS TV App

I don’t have Xfinity but I have this app, my mom had Xfinity and so I would use this app to watch some shows or help her out. When I opened up this app, it took me to a screen where the following was at Just recorded Recently watched Recent […]

Xfinity/Dish Apps

This is not a new app or streaming service ABC Family renamed itself to FreeForm. Once you open up the app you are presented with a screen with a few shows on it. If you scroll thru the list you have Pretty little Liars Famous in Love Truth & Iliza […]

Freeform APP

This app might not be well known but none the less it is a streaming app. If you are into BYUTV then this app is for you. You can watch the following top shows: BYU sports nation Only 3 episodes Random Acts 19 episodes Relative Race 21 episodes The story […]


A little-known streaming service that doesn’t get a lot of attention. If you are an Amazon Prime member then you have access to this service. This service isn’t as good as some of the others but better than some. You can rent movies and TV shows and watch them. But […]

Amazon Prime App

Netflix started out in 1997 with renting DVD’s,  925 of them to be exact all without late fees. at one point they shipped out 1 million DVD’s a day. What does this have to do with the streaming app? Well, I am getting to that. They started to move away […]

Netflix App

The one thing I like about the new Hulu is the Who’s watching. This is where you can add profiles of people in your household. Right now we have two profiles and I am one of them.  When I click on my profile it takes me to MY watch list. […]

Hulu App

Feeln is part of the Hallmark family and you can watch movies. When you click on it and you are offered to Sign in or Join. You can look inside the app and see what is going on.  Here is a list of the most popular shows on the app. […]

Feeln App

When you first open this up, it goes thru some of the shows on TBS like Conan and Samantha Bee then it gets to the home page set up.  It has 6 shows you can slide thru and they are Wrecked Angie Tribeca Full Frontal With Samantha Bee American Dad […]


Not really what I was thinking it would be. Once you click on the shows you can scroll thru the options.  I found that we can watch 5 Episodes of the Last ship 5 Episodes of the Librarians Syndication shows 9 of Arrow 10 of Bones 14 charmed 4 Hawaii […]


When you first open up the app it shows you some shows and wants you to get started. So that is what I did I clicked on the show called Inside the FBI: New York. It took me right to it. Interesting, no please create an account or anything like […]

USA Now App

This app just sucks… enough said. Here is my take on this app. I used to love to watch the SYFY channel until they ruined it.  I downloaded this app thinking that I will get to catch up on some shows that I have seen. Let’s take Dark matter for […]


When opening up the History app on the iPad first thing it said is “”History” Would Like to Send You Notifications” I selected the don’t allow option. Next thing it did was take me to a screen like this.  I choose the maybe later option, why would I create one. […]

History App

Just like the rest of the apps so far you can watch some of your favorite shows on NBC for free. However, you to sign in with your TV provider. Take Shades of blue, it says to sign in to watch and you click on it.  You click it and […]


It is called FoxNow, not sure why but it just is. So this app is just like the rest you can catch up on missed episodes and stream them wherever, as long as you have an internet connection.  So I clicked on Brooklyn nine-nine to watch it. I get this […]

Fox App

So this app is just an app. In my opinion, it could be better. However, if you are watching any CW shows then it is a good option to come out and catch up on that show you watched. However, it is only for the last five episodes. So you […]

CW App

The CBS App is just like the ABC app you can watch current TV shows, well at least the last 5 episodes so that makes it nice so I can watch   NCIS LA   The Great Indoors  Kevin can Wait  and so on, there really is just a few shows. The […]


ABC app is where we will start out. Since it is the first letter of the alphabet. You can watch the current shows that is currently on ABC. Like take The Catch, this is a show I watch. Right now I can watch all 7 episodes. I had to connect […]


Do you remember when you had to be home to watch one of 7 channels on your TV? Then you got a VCR and you could record some shows so you could have a life. Then a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and you could watch it whenever and record whatever […]

TV apps

When the Sunrise app went away I was looking forward to the Outlook app becoming a great app. Well, so far it hasn’t produced what I was looking for or hoping for. It has provided some great information, it has added some interesting calendars to the mix. Which is a […]

Microsoft Outlook iOS App