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On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, I got to attend the primary election results for Mitt Romney. Yes, the former governor of Massachusetts, head of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics and the former 2012 Republican presidential candidate. He lives in Utah now and he is running for the Senate seat […]

Mitt Romney

I found this video on Facebook. don’t get me started on Facebook. But this is something that we can all relate too.  Watch it and then continue below.    This is what I got out of the video.  That we all have to have some form a motivation. Doesn’t matter […]


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This is based o a true story based shortly after 9/11 (September 11, 2001). It is about 12 men who go to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. The main objective is to make sure that 9/11 didn’t happen again.  Afghanistan The history of Afghanistan has been a long one plagued by […]

12 Strong

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This is the remake of the 1974 film starring Charles Bronson and based on the novel, written by Brain Garfield. I have to admit, I have never watched this movie. I have it, I have never watched it. Maybe I will. So I can compare the two.  The new one […]

Death Wish

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Today is valentine’s day, and I was thinking that I need to do a good post for today, something that talks about love and conveys that. So, I was thinking what better movie than Pretty Woman. Yes, this is an old one. I watched this one when it first came […]

Pretty Woman

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The plot of this one is the following: Someone is collecting six infinity stones which are unimaginable power, you can call them artifacts. They will use them to twist their will on all of reality. All the other movies have been leading up to this one moment. Here are all […]

Avengers Infinity War

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is always busy doing something.  The latest movie is called Sky Scrapper and it is set to be released on July 13, 2018, and the movie is about a former FBI agent, turned security consultant for skyscrapers. His family gest trapped inside of a skyscraper that […]

Sky Scrapper

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Coming up in May (we don’t have to wait until Dec) we get to see Han Solo.  The latest installment in the Star Wars franchise. This movie is the life of Han Solo before he met up with Luke and Obi One Kenobi in the New Hope. This is directed […]

Han Solo

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So we, it was a group effort, made a video for my son’s application to Southern Utah University Ambassador program. It was an adventure too say the least. For those that have used iMovie before (and now those that haven’t) on a Mac knows that you can upload to the following:  Theater […]

iMovie on the Mac

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DC comics decided to jump aboard and do what Marvel has been doing for a while now. Create a league called Justice League. Right now the league consists of the following:  Batman (Ben Affleck) Superman (Henry Cavill) Wonder Women (Gal Gadot) Aquaman (Jason Momoa) The Flash (Ezra Miller)  Cyborg (Ray Fisher) […]

Justice League

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Star Wars is upon us. It comes out on December 15, 2017.  Well, it live up to the hype? I guess we will see in 65 days from this post.    There is another trailer out there as well.  So I know that I will be looking forward to this […]

Star Wars Trailer

With the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X that means that a new iOS will be released. So that means that iOS 11 is upon us and it has a lot of new features. I mean a lot of new features. I got this from the Learn More […]

iOS 11.0.1 update

The new iPhone X is out and that the price tag is like $1,000 dollars. What can you buy for that much well, let’s break it down: You can buy one of the following laptops: MacBook Air Price tag of $979 Surface Laptop Price tag of $999 Surface Pro 2017 […]

iPhone X is out

If you travel there is one thing you need and that is Wi-Fi. Yes, this is an essential part of life nowadays.  I went to a friends cabin and there was no Wi-Fi and it was like what am I going to do. The cell service wasn’t that well good. USA Today […]

Traveling with Wi-Fi

Here is how Saturday looking like: Well, my Saturday night is more than watching football and basketball.  So I most likely won’t be watching TV, well actual TV. I will be watching other things if I have time. If I have time ABC Fall Saturday Night Football Winter NBA Countdown […]

Saturday Night break down

Closer to the week end and things might be looking good. I am saddened that ABC decided to cancel one of the watched shows on the network. That show was Last Man Standing and well they have nothing of interest I would watch. Well, that wouldn’t stay in on a […]

Friday line up