My Friends

What would the world be like if you didn’t have friends? It would be a lonely and dark place. Wouldn’t it? Well, on today’s #givethanks campaign I would like to give thanks to my friends.


I am not talking about the Friends TV show. That was a good show, but I am talking about a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.

I would say that all of us, OK, how about 99.9% of people make friends everyday. They could be in the form of

  • Next-door neighbors
  • People at school
  • People at work

Childhood friends

Here is a picture three friends from childhood.


I have a picture somewhere,  tried looking but 28 TB worth of hard drive space, things tend to get lost. But it is a picture of me in kindergarten sitting next to Amy.  Reading a book. Here we are all grown up.

In that picture it is lance and Brett we have all remained friends for a long time. I don’t see Amy that often,  but Lance and Brett I see all the time. We just went to the Caribbean together this year. We try and get together often.

Shout out to all my friends. I am grateful for you.

I would like to think that I am a friend to everyone, even the people who don’t like me that is on you, not me.  

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