My Wife

I am grateful for my wife. Even if we have to attend a play with a camel in it so we can get a photo for hump day for my oldest son who was on an LDS mission. Drive an hour to get a picture with another camel for hump day for the younger son who was on an LDS mission as well. Good times indeed.

My wife

Her name is Michelle and she was born in the year of, wait she will kill me and you won’t be getting these awesome posts anymore, so I will refrain from that.  We met back in 1989 when we both worked at Shopko. Yes, we did. At first, I thought she was self-absorbed, loud, and so on.

She lied to me about her name in 1993 and I later called her on it She was embarrassed. But I guess she got over it. Since we have been married for a long time. Yes, a long time.

Spending time

We started this journey by going to the Caribbean in February. That was 7 days spending 24/7 together in some sort of way. Yes, I did leave and wander the cruise ship. Since that is what I like to do.  Who would have thought that a little over 40 days from then we would be spending 24 hours a day 7 days a week together? It has been 258 days since we both started to work from home. That means that it has been 258 days of fun times. I am surprised that I am not dead yet.

But I guess we adapt to things in our lives.


I am grateful that she is in my life and that we can enjoy spending time with each other. Thank you Michelle for putting up with me.

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