9th Grade year

The king of Jr. High or the low person in high school. For me, I was the king of the school. I was in 9th grade so I was the king. I wasn’t the king but in the class, I was in, I was at the top.

New School

I actually stayed at a school for 2 years in a row. I mean I did stay at the same elementary school from 2nd grade to 6th grade at the same school. But things changed up for me. Yea, my locker changed, of course, I wouldn’t expect it not to. My hair changed (finally) and that is for the better. I think I finally realized this important thing.

Lunch time

I was not in charge of Lunchtime activities but I was the one who helps run them. It was one of my classes, I got some extra credit for it so why not. We had a kicking contest and Jason Chaffetz came and did a clinic. So I got to talk to him during the 20 min between lunches. That was pretty cool.

I ate lunch in between 1st and 2nd lunches. Which meant that I ate with the kids who are in the in-school suspension program. I couldn’t talk to them at all. I had to sit by myself. But I got to pick what I wanted for lunch. Well, you could pick what you wanted, you could have lasagna or burger and fries. So basically there were two choices you could have every day. For me and my great personality, I got to pick what I wanted. So I got fires almost every day and paired it with something fancy. Yes, it has been years, since I did this. But it was cool that they did that for me. The in-school suspension program couldn’t do this. I also got a huge cinnamon roll for dessert and a couple of cartons of milk. Yes, it does pay to be nice. Oh and popular, but being nice is always first.

Lunch Time activities

Being part of this program does have its advantages and its disadvantages. You got to spend some time with people who come to give a clinic. Interact with the kids who did the activities.  But I couldn’t hang with my friends unless they came to do the activities. 

I had a good lunch every day and that was a great thing.

6th period

I had a stage crew class for my 6th period, and it was a laid back class, but if you took all the kids in that class there were over 300 tardies in one term. I had most of them since I did lunchtime activities I had to clean up and everything like that. They were all excused, the rest of the class couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting into trouble while they did. The teacher had to explain to them that I was excused due to my class.

I had fun in that class, we built sets for the plays, I even got people to clap for me when the set broke and we couldn’t hang a painting. Yea, it was embarrassing. I was also the stage crew. It was a fun class. But I was late every day. It was fun.


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