Dr.’s Visit

Jan. 7, 2020, will this day go down as a good day or bad day in my life. Well, let’s find out.


After all the stress tests over the past few weeks, I finally sat down with a PA for a heart doctor. They said that I do have an issue with my heart, but they don’t know what is the issue.

I made the appointment at a different place, I was thinking it would be a bit easier for me down the road. I was thinking ahead. But, it wasn’t good for my wife. She wanted to come to them, so we needed to move to the office closer to my wife’s work. Yea, I know.

Kind of

Now that I have gone thru all of the tests and now they know something is wrong but what IS IT.  That is all I want is someone to tell me when am I going to die.  That is all. Is that so much to ask about.

Leaving the office, only made me think more about what is going on. If they don’t know what it is, then why did I come in… Why didn’t I just do the next step before the appointment?

Next step

The next step is getting an echo to look at my heart, to narrow this down to the issue. I can just pull out my hair. I was stressed out not sleeping very well. Like I slept that well anyway. I think all the stress was making my heart worse.


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