Stadium of Fire, 2022

Another year has gone by and we find ourselves celebrating Independence day. What did we do to celebrate this year?


I took off July 1, 2022, which was a Friday, and we headed out camping. Yep, well, it got delayed due to my son breaking his phone and we tried to get it fixed but at $329. What the hell? That is a lot of cash. Since I do have insurance we set up an appointment for Tuesday, Jul,y 5, 2022 at 9 AM for them to come and fix his screen.

I found out that my Honda Pilot is a gutless wonder when it comes to pulling a trailer with four-wheelers.  We couldn’t get up the hill. We had to offload the four-wheelers and then we could get up the steep hill.

We camped until July 4, 2022. It was a fun time.

Stadium of Fire

Right in the middle of camping was this thing called Stadium of Fire, which happens every July 4, well all except for 2020 due to “COVID-19”. But this year was going to rock the stadium. Well not really rocking due to the person who was singing. More like Country singing at the stadium.

Tim McGraw is in the stadium.

Yep, this is the second time this year I have seen him. You might think I am a big fan of, his. Nope, I am not. My wife is a big fan of his. My youngest son is also a fan. Yea fun for the two of us who aren’t that big of fans.

Now, this was a good time for all. However, I didn’t want to spend 11 dollars for some Cupbop. It has gone up or it is just some stadium prices. I got myself some frozen lemonade. My family thought I was going to get a cougar tail. 

If you don’t know what a cougar tail is, let me explain.

It is a 16-inch long maple-topped doughnut and it has only 542 calories, I thought it would be like 2,500 calories on the long end.

Hell yea I wanted one. But, I don’t eat that anymore. I need to lose weight.


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