Health update

Health Update 12

This is a week late but not a dollar short. So what have the last three weeks been like? Well, let’s find out.

Am I any better off

Well, I am still hovering around the 290 mark. I mean I am down from what I was earlier this year. That is a good thing. It really is a good thing. It is a work in progress.

My calorie intake is staying around the 1,500 mark. Some days it is above it and some days are below it. The protein is sticking around the 120 grams mark.

Yea, I need to get my heart rate up a bit, but it is a struggle for me. I mean that it does go up but it isn’t a good thing for me to do. I get dizzy. Yea, I am not normal. My heart doctor told me that.


I did a 14-day challenge to lose weight. I lost 3 pounds. Yep, that is right just 3 freaking pounds. You can ask the question, What the Hell? Only three freaking pounds. This is getting very discouraging.

Do it faster

There are shortcuts out there. Diet drinks, quick diets. But are they worth it? Yes, they work for some people, but I tried a shortcut for a month and I ended up in the ICU. Where I was getting pumped full of heart medicine. So no more quick fixes. Besides if you do it slowly then you can maintain your weight better.


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