Sept. 17, 2023, BYU Recap

Arkansas came to Provo last year, and well, it was a good game. But the Razorbacks came out the winners. The Score was 35-52. Arkansas is from the Southern Eastern Conference (SEC). How will this game turn out? Well, let’s find out.

Playing in Arkansas

So the game started with a massive run from Arkansas that put them up seven nothing early. I mean, it was only four plays in.

BYU couldn’t do anything, so they punted it away. That was a mistake since the Razor Backs ran it back for a TD. So, at that point in the 1st quarter, it was 14-0. It looked like BYU didn’t show up.

BYU then came back and scored a TD with a wide-open catch. So that was 14-7. Then, BYU held Arkansas, and BYU had a chance. The freshman running back Martian ran it for a long TD. That put the game at 14-14. Then BYU returned, scored a touchdown, and made it 14-21. BYU scored 21 unanswered points. Now, my wife doesn’t like that wording.

Right before the Half, Arkansas kicked a field goal after BYU fumbled on their own 30. But BYU held them to only 3 points.

First half stats

9First Downs10
2/6Third Down0/6

BYU is hanging in there with the SEC. What will the 2nd Half bring? Well, let’s read on.

Score going into halftime

2nd Half

BYU got the ball first in the second half, and well, it didn’t work out for them. They punted it, and Arkansas scored a TD, didn’t run it back, but the offense went down and scored, putting them up 31 to 21. That is 10 points.

BYU came down and kicked a field goal to put them at 24. It was a fake field goal, and a delay in the game gave them a second chance to kick the field goal.

BYU’s defense has been good. BYU intercepted the ball, it was 31, and Tooley ran to the 20-yard line. BYU tossed it in, and now the Score is tied


Arkansas has played a good game so far. The offense can move the ball. At the top of the 4th quarter, the Arkansas kicker missed the 49-yard field goal.

BYU got it back, but there was no blocking on the offense line.

BYU went down the field and scored a touchdown. I mean, Chase Roberts made a great catch. That put BYU up.

Final Score of the game

That is how the game would end. Arkansas had some plenties down the stretch, and that sealed their fate.

Final stats

17First Downs21
4/13Third Down2/13


This was a good game. People thought BYU would be blown away. After last year’s game in Provo. Where Arkansas game in and beat up BYU,  52-35. BYU came to play today, and it showed. They were getting after the QB and making him hurry on throws.

Down the stretch, Arkansas had some costly penalties—several holds. I mean, I say holds on every play. But I feel bad for the player. I’m not mentioning his number, but he had four holding penalties, and a couple were on the final drive.

BYU had 7 for 45 yards

Arkansas had 14 for 125 yards.

This was a good game. But now, if BYU can bring that over to the Big 12, it will be a good season. However, we need to get the receivers open more. However, Arkansas did homework on those receivers.


Yep, I did a video.

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