8th Grade

The 8th-grade year was a bit different for me. I went from an older Jr. high to a brand spanking new one.

Old Jr. High

The boundaries of the two jr. high’s in the city I grew up in were divided by center street. So every elementary school North of Center Street went to the old junior high, and every elementary school South went to the Lake jr. high. Then in high school, everyone who lived West of State Street would go to the Mountain School, and those who lived East of State would go to the old high school.

So that means that half of the lake and half of the old jr. highs would go to different high schools.  Are you following me? I know it could be confusing a bit.

So all the friends I made that lived on the west side of state street would go to a different high school. That is a bummer.

New Jr. High

Once the new Jr. high was finished, all the kids who lived North of Center St. and East of State Street all went to this new junior high school. So that means that all the current friends would go to the same high school.

I will miss the friends I made that were staying. The cute girls that wouldn’t be making the journey. I wonder what happened to them. One will never know.

With the school being new it had its growing pains. I knew the office well the 2 years I was there. Got in trouble a couple of times, but nothing too big. But I had my fair share of office visits. I knew one of the vice principals very well.

New School, same old hair

Yes, my hairstyle didn’t change that much from the 7th grade, it might have gotten worse. Yea, as I look back at my pictures, it makes me wonder what was I thinking, seriously. I don’t know what I was thinking.


The pictures still consist of the 2 jr. high schools that would go to the Old high school. They are blurry, sorry.

You never know if the people featured in this video will be mad at me or like the video. Who knows if they will ever watch it. Only time will tell.

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