Technology has evolved over the years and has only gotten better.

My grandparents

In their lifetime they did the following:

  • Went from houseback
  • To cars
  • To fly on planes
  • To watch a man walk on the moon
  • Having cable TV.
    • Instead of the standard 5 channels
      • ABC
      • CBS
      • NBS
      • PBS
      • KBYU
      • Fox aired in 1986

First Moon mission

I have more technology on my arm than was on that moon mission. The ability to send a Capsule from Earth to the moon and back with the limited amount of technology we had at the time. It was just amazing what we as humans were able to do.


I guess tech has always been a part of my life. Like portable music player. To know streaming music from the air to headphones without wires. We had dial-up internet and it was slow as molasses or a sloth. It was pretty dang slow. Now I have fiber. Technology has come a long way.

I have another website called I am Gadget guy and that is where I talk about gadgets. I started with older tech and now I am talking about newer tech. Check it out to see what drives in this area.

Next few posts

I will be talking about some of the technology that spurred me in the direction in life I am at. So come back and see what got me started.


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