Heart Strength

Heart strength is important in life. If you don’t have heart strength then you won’t be alive. You will be dead.

Found out

Yea, I found out what is wrong with my heart and that isn’t the most shocking thing of the day. Yea, I found out that I have a heart issue. But the most shocking news I heard was my heart strength.

What is it

My heart is at a big whopping 39%, yea if you are going off of 100%, which I thought the heart was working at, that is a 61% decrease. But when you take into account that your heart is only doing 55 to 65% at any giving time. It isn’t that bad. But yes it is bad, to have a weakened heart. It limit’s your ability to do things.


Yes, I am overweight and I know it and that limits what I can do and cannot do. This is a work in process.


Check out my video below or on YouTube.

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