Happy Thanksgiving, 2021

It has been another year and Thanksgiving is upon us again. This is the time of year I look forward to. I am not sure if it is the cooler weather, snow, or what. But, I just like this type of year.

Growing up

Thanksgiving was a great time for spending time with family. We would get together with family at the grandparent’s house and eat and visit. We stopped doing that when the families got too big and we all couldn’t fit in the grandparent’s house.

We started to have it in my parent’s house, with the grandparents if they weren’t going anywhere else.

The day was spent eating, watching football, and playing football. Sometimes it was snowing and that made it more fun to play Turkey Bowls.

Then I worked on some of the Thanksgivings, getting ready for that shopping day which was the next day.

Times have changed

Now that my parents are gone, it doesn’t have that same meaning to me anymore.  Since the Pandemic has become upon us. Things have changed in a good way, well 2020 Thanksgiving was different, some stores weren’t open on Thanksgiving, they weren’t having sales and trying to get people in to buy things. You know that greed thing. Chasing that all mighty dollar.

Hopefully, this Thanksgiving will be the same, and focus on what this time of year is all about. Family and being Thankful for the things you have in your life and not the things you will be buying. 


What should I be Thankful for

This is a good thing to think about we all have different things to be thankful for in our lives. I have different things than you.  But we all should be thankful for life. The things that we hold close to our hearts. The things that we have in our lives, the people around us. 

What am I Thankful for

In the year 2021, I am Thankful for the following:

  • That I am still alive
    • No stupid COVID-19
    • Check out my Justin Jenkins website
  • The Freedoms I have
  • The ability to have the ability to say what I feel
  • For family
  • For health
  • For this pandemic
    • Yes, it has pushed me to do things I wouldn’t have done before

No matter where you are

 Just because, I am talking about a United States of America holiday. It shouldn’t stop you, no matter where you are from looking at things in your life you are thankful for. You should be thankful all the time.


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