2021, Black Friday

The one day I dreaded growing up. Why? Did I work retail?

What is it

Black Friday is (was) the biggest shopping day of the year. This officially kicked off the shopping season for the Christmas season. This is where stores would open early like 5 AM to start shopping.

I worked these days and I hated it, People are so rude and very greedy over deals.

Even when I moved on with my life, I still had to work Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Great, I know.


This was getting out of control as businesses were striving to get their money from you. They were opening earlier and earlier. Then started to have Thanksgiving sales as pre-black Friday sales. People weren’t spending time with their families. They were standing in a line to get something at a great deal. Not really, they only have a few things and then you have to buy something else to justify standing in a long line for hours.


Thanks to the strange thing we are in nowadays, it has put a stop to all of that nonsense. Walmart is closed. Only two days a year they are closed. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just used to be Christmas. So maybe Black Friday will be back to stores just opening early on Friday after Thanksgiving.


When I didn’t have to work I would venture out with my wife looking for those sweet deals that were too good to be true. Usually, they were since they only had like 5 or less of the product you are looking at.

I have seen fights over a stupid item. When working in retail stores, this was the second busiest day of the year. Besides back-to-school sales. I mean there were no carts in the store or the parking lot.

I used to have to work on Thanksgiving over the years off and on, but now I don’t have to work and it is nice. I even have Black Friday off now. So I can sit back and enjoy hot cocoa in my house avoiding the madness.

It was truly MADNESS

I tell you. MADNESS!!


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