Weight Loss, Part 10

Thanksgiving has come and gone, how did this affect my weight? That is a good question.  Should we find out?


My goal was to be under 300, Has been my goal for a while now and I am still above that. But,  am at 301.6, yea that is a good thing and Thanksgiving didn’t cause any weight gain.

Work out

Yea, my workouts weren’t every day like they should be happening. I wish I could figure out what is going on with my back. It just seizes up and goes into spasms. It appears that I might have a pinched nerve.


The past 2 weeks it has been a good 2 weeks and I thought I would break that big 300 barriers, but as you can see above I didn’t get my weight below that.  As I didn’t eat what I usually ate, which was good. But I did eat out at the following places:

  • Wendys
  • McDonalds
    • Twice
  • Panda Express
  • Outback Steak house
    • We were in Orem and our neighbors called and asked if we wanted to eat with them.
  • Chilies
    • Meet some people at the mall and we went out for dinner. Yes, we knew the people. It wasn’t just hanging out with some strangers.

Now Thanksgiving was upon us and well when there is pie involved then all bets are off.  With my weight, I didn’t eat that much pie.

Look at my Thanksgiving post here


The same goal I have had ant that Is to be under 300 in the next 2 weeks. Now that Thanksgiving is behind me I won’t be eating a lot of food. My goal is not to eat out, but I will be going to a Christmas party on Dec. 6, 2021. So that is at least one time that I know I will be eating out.

My Thoughts

Now that one holiday is behind us, I can now focus on my eating one day at a time. That is all I can do.


Here is my YouTube Video for my weight loss video.

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