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Health Update 5

It has been a few weeks since I gave an update on my health. Last week I couldn’t do a proper one due to an issue.


I was progressing on my weight loss and better health in my life. I was losing weight. I got down to 296. I was starting to work out more and more with weights. Pushing myself further.

Eating was going well, my calorie intake was at 1500 or below. I was eating higher amounts of protein. Seeing progress on the scale and basically feeling better.

I was thinking it was going well.


Yes, there was a setback to my progress on my health. What was this setback?

On March 30, 2022, between 8 and 9 PM, I had a cardiac event in which I had to get my heart shocked.

I wasn’t feeling very well for a few weeks, on March 30 it got worse. I was in the bathroom every 30 min or so, with diarrhea. I went into the bedroom and lay on the bed at about 5 PM not feeling very well. I had to go back to work. My wife wanted me to go to the store with her. I wasn’t feeling up to it. I just lay on the couch, not too far from the bathroom.

I decided to go out and do some recycling, cutting that short to come to use the bathroom. It was at that time, my watch was beeping. My heart rate exceed the threshold I had set up, (120 beats per min). I was sweating like crazy.

I walked into the bedroom where my wife was putting her clothes away. She looked at me and I was white. She said let’s go to the ER. Before I made it to the car,  I started to throw up which lasted for about 5 min.

Made it to the ER, threw up again, and went to the bathroom. They said it was going to be a wait. But, my wife said that if he has a heart attack in the lobby will he be seen? When I got out of the bathroom they took me back to triage. I was still sweating and didn’t look too good. They put an EKG on me. My heart rate was between 150 and 160 beats per min.

They took me back to a room where they were going to shock me, yes shock me with those paddles you see on TV. They put me out, due to it would hurt. They shocked my heart to get it under control.

In the ICU, my blood pressure crashed and I was being pumped full of fluids.


This was a wake-up call for me, Yes, I am overweight and I am striving to lose the weight. But, this would have happened if was in shape.  Not sure what caused the issue to cause the dehydration that put my heart into a spin.


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