Part 7 of Weight Loss

Weight loss

This week in the weight loss journey, I can’t believe that it is another weight loss update.

Weight update 

2 weeks ago I reported that I was at 309, I was going up in weight not down, that isn’t how this is supposed to work. It is supposed to be going down. Well, this update I am down to 306;2 Yes that is 3lbs down.


I added two things to my plate these past 2 weeks. So that makes it 3 things, besides walking that will help me lose the weight. I have been getting my steps for most of the days. But, not every day.  The two things I have added is

Circuit training

Well, this is Justin’s version of the training. Yea, nothing too hard or anything like that. I am not crazy need to start off small.


I  put in place a better eating thing, focusing on the low sodium and healthily side of things.


My diet hasn’t been the best these past 2 weeks. Here is a breakdown of what I ate

  • Eggs
  • Waffles
    • Not so healthy
  • Hamburger
    • Home cooked
  • And other healthy items

I don’t want to go thru everything I ate that would be boring. But, maybe one day I will break down what I eat on a given day.


Now, this has been a good week eating better and that is good. I miss the fast-food life. But, if I want to change that is one place I will have to do it. That isn’t good for you. I made that choice. Watch the video for more information on this issue.


The video is out on YouTube as well. Join the journey.

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