Health update

Health Update 6

Another 2 weeks have gone by and it has been almost a month since my cardiac event.


I am pushing myself in the lifting weight area. I push my legs got hard on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Need to do better on my upper body, but it is all a work in progress.

I had a goal of 50,000 steps for the week. I met that goal and did a lot better. I got about 55,000 steps in. Yea, I know some people might be getting a lot of steps in like 20,000 a day. Well, I sit at my desk all day long. So I am just happy I get the steps I do get.

I am still struggling with the eating part of my health system. I am not eating a lot of junk lately. But I am still not eating the best.


My weight is still at the 295 area. It seems that I am just at a standstill.


Here is a video I did

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