My office

It has been a while since I have my very own office. Where I am not sharing with anyone or anything.

Let me Explain

When I was a teenager I had my bedroom which doubled as my office. Well, I was in high school so it was my study area. So in that room, I had the following:

  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Entertainment center for my TV
  • Filing cabinet which had my landline phone on it.

It was my own space, but It was a shared space and not just for my office. I like to keep them separate.

Married life

I had an office in the following places

  • Extra bedroom with a little place for desk and computer
  • The back corner of the living room
  • The back bedroom with the weight set and wife’s scrapbooking stuff

After March 2020

  • Kitchen table
  • Living room
  • Kitchen table again

March 2021

I have been lucky to have a room just for myself. Where I can put my stuff out and no one will complain. Well, that is always the dream. But it is my space.

I can my little things out I like. Showcase my old school stuff, like:

  • Cell phones
  • Palm Pilots
  • Cruise ships
  • Star Trek stuff
  • Star Wars stuff
  • My tech
    • I have a lot of it

My office consists of the following:

  • Cario cabinet
  • L shaped desk
    • With a standing desk option
  • End table
    • Holds a printer and scanner
  • Book Shelve
  • Storage holder
    • With bins
    • 2 chairs
    • A painting
    • 2 lamps

It isn’t as big as thought it would be. I was planning on having one of the bedrooms which I put some extra tech stuff in it so I can be you know more productive. But, my kids are using it off and on and my wife wants it for a guest room.

The basement isn’t finished, but I will wait. I was thinking I should put in an extra network plg in the sitting room AKA My office. But we only put one in. That is fine, I put in a small 4 port switch to go to my devices.

This has turned into my YouTube studio as well.

This is what my office looks like


Yep, did a video

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