BYU Recap, Sept. 3, 2023

Sept 2, 2023, marked the first game of the 2023 season for BYU. Yes, it was the first game of the season.

First Half

Well, Sam Houston got it first and couldn’t convert. BYU got and then converted to go up 7-0. The score was made by a run by the quarterback, Keon Solvis. Then, it was not a very productive half. It was punt after punt for both teams.

BYU had a lot of plenties during the first half; I mean, it is the season’s first game. But still, BYU’s offense is struggling during this first game.

Sam HoustonStatsBYU
5First Downs6

What is up with all the penalties? Is it a first-game issue?

Going into halftime, BYU led 7 to 0.

Second Half

What is going on with BYU? In the first play of the second half, they had to call a time-out due to not being organized. Then they tried a fake punt, which didn’t go too well. But there was an interception in the end zone to end Sam Houston’s push to score.

BYU’s offense is struggling so far in this game. Is the quarterback transfer something to talk about? Was it hype? Coming from USC and Pitt, what is the story there?

So far in the game, it looks like the defense for both teams is the best thing about this game. The offenses are struggling to produce anything.

BYU just picked off Shoemaker again. That was Robinson’s second of the game. It appears that he is having a good match. It seemed that that pick bounced off the turf. But, it was ruled a catch. The Sam Houston head coach isn’t too happy that the call wasn’t overturned.

After all of that, BYU took over on their 45. Can they produce anything on this drive besides a punt? Nope, after a couple of good runs by a true freshman. BYU tried a field goal, and it was blocked; Sam Houston picked it up and ran it back for a score. But there was a flag. So the block won’t stand due to an offside. That was the only reason they got the block.

LJ Martian, the freshman, picked up the first down.

The quarterback ran in for the score. So the QB, Keon Solvis, has scored the only two scores for the Cougars.

My thoughts

Sam Houston’s FSB debut was a good one. They gave BYU a good run of the game. BYU needs to get some things worked out before the 3rd week of the season when they play Arkansas. The one thing that impressed me. The true freshman LJ Martian had 16 times in the 2nd half and had 91 yards. Not bad for a true freshman.

BYU has a punter; I think he punted it at least eight times in the first half alone. It seemed like it was a lot more than that. Suppose BYU doesn’t get the offense figured out. Then, it will be a long season for the punter and BYU. But the Cougars won the game 14 to Nothing. But it wasn’t a pretty win.

Next is Southern Utah University on Sept 9, 2023, at 1 p.m.


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