BYU Recap, Nov. 12, 2023

After getting blown out last week at West Virginia. What will BYU do this week at home? That is the question 

1st Half

BYU got the ball, and it didn’t start very well. There was an interception, which led to an Iowa touchdown. Then BYU fumbled the kickoff, and Iowa got it and kicked a field goal.

BYU was down 10 to 0 quickly in the 1st quarter. 

BYU got the ball, walked down the field, and scored a touchdown. They were back in the game, but that wouldn’t last long. 

Iowa ST. They pretty much took the 1st and, well, controlled the game. 

BYU had the ball for only 9:56 seconds. Yes, that is all 

Iowa St. scored 31 points in the first half. They came to play. 

2nd Half 

Iowa St got the ball, but BYU stopped them, and BYU went down the field and scored a TD. Issach Rex got the touchdown and broke a TD record. They failed on the 2-point conversion. But, still, they scored a touchdown on their first drive of the game. They had a few trick plays, and they went for it on 4th and 2, and they got it. 

Iowa 31

The second half was more like the first. Iowa St. was in control of the game. Iowa St. is looking to compete for the Big 12 Championship. 

Iowa State won the game. 


The Cougars’ next game is their last home game of the year. They will play the 14-ranked Oklahoma Sooners at 10 AM MST on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023. 

Yes, it is an early morning game. 

BYU must win one of the following two games to become bowl-eligible. Will they do so? 


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