Super Bowl 58

On Sunday, Feb. 11, 2023, the Super Bowl will be held in Las Vegas in 2024.  Let’s talk about my opinion on this game.

Super Bowl 58

It will be in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Allegiant Stadium, the home of the Las Vegas Raiders. The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers—the best from the AFC and NFC- will play in it.

The two will battle it out again in the Super Bowl. The last time they faced each other was four years ago- in 2020. Let’s see what happened.

  • It was an Election year.
  • There was a pandemic that swept the world.
  • It was a leap year.
    • Of course, it was four years ago.
  • The 49ers lost to the Chiefs. Boo!!


Right now, the focus is on the relationship of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. Yes, the pop star. The question on everyone’s mind, except for me, is the following:

Will Taylor fly to Vegas from Tokyo after her concert?

Rumor has it she will be. But, leave the girl alone. All she wants to do is support her boyfriend.

Well, the Chiefs deliver? Will they beat the 49ers and stop the offense?


The question on my mind is, will Brock Purdy get paid more next year? He is only making $879,000 for the year. That is about $49,000 a game, while the other quarterback is making $53,000 per pass.

Also, they have Christian McCaffrey, a running back. They are both looking for a Superbowl ring.


I made a video about my thoughts on the game and some distractions. Some people say that Taylor Swift ruined Football for them. Football was ruined a long time before Taylor came into the picture. I stopped watching it when a particular player started to kneel for the national anthem. It is free speech, and Taylor being at a game is free speech. She is just there supporting her boyfriend.

Only a Game

This is only a game, and it will be over tomorrow night. One will walk away with a ring, and the other team will work on getting one next year. You have to remember that when you watch the game.


Yep, listen to my opinion.

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