7th Grade

Why would I be talking about this subject, I mean 7th grade was so long ago. I know it was pretty long ago. Let’s talk about it.

High School Reunion

I recently had a high school reunion, it was supposed to be last year, but due to COVID-19, we couldn’t have it. Well, we could of, but COVID-19 and the fear it brought. That is something for another day.

I thought you know what I think I will create some videos to highlight the journey. Plus, I need to practice editing videos.

7th Grade

That year you move from Elementary to the minor league, JR. high. Yea that fun time. Where you have 7 classes a day, and bullies everywhere, different people. I mean I knew of the kids in my elementary school. Now you bring a bunch of those elementary schools into one. Yea, fun times indeed.

I got in a fight, and he got suspended and I didn’t. Which was good. Don’t pick on me.


Here is a video, which is out on YouTube. This is taking into fact that there are two Jr. Highs that funnel into high school.

If you are thinking that I am a dedicated person and spent hours scanning my yearbooks. No, I didn’t scan my yearbooks. I don’t even know where mine is, they are in a tote somewhere that needs to be unpacked. These were scanned via a project at one of the local colleges.  So Thank you.

Hope you enjoyed this video. Come back for more good videos. I will be doing one for each year up to graduation.

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