Weight Loss, Week 1

What a journey it has been I can tell you I want to lose weight.  I really do.


Going from 330 to 220, let’s do the math and that is 110 lbs. That is a lot of weight to lose and you know it won’t be easy.   Anyone who thinks that the journey to lose weight will be easy, they are up in the night. Losing weight is hard to do.  So the journey will be a long-fought battle.


The temptation is there, you have it everywhere. I am always hungry and it is hard right now. Why is it hard, you might ask? Well, I have some candy and I have been good, I haven’t broken into it eat it all. You will find out why on the July 28, 2021 video. They are props for the video I am shooting. I did eat the pringles I did for my weight video.  But I am always hungry and craving food.

What do I eat

I have had eggs for breakfast a lot. Peanut butter sandwich for lunch. I don’t really eat anything for dinner. Sometimes I do. But most of the time I don’t. I drink a lot of water. That should help me outright? Nope it doesn’t I like I want


Yes, eating should be about 80% of it right. Yea, that is true, I need to get the eating part down better. But, I need to do some form of exercise. Just to help my health overall. As of right now, I am not doing much of it. I get up at 4 AM to do this as it should be plenty of time to do something. But nope, I go back to bed and do nothing. I have to figure this part out.

Up and Downs

There will be up and downs and just not on the scale.  Yes, the scale will have up and downs I can see that now.  But, I am not going to start, and all of a sudden the weight is going to fall off at the rate of 5lbs a week, which isn’t good. I will lose 5lbs, then lose 2, put on 3, and so forth. It will be a battle, but it is a battle that I will have to win. If I want to win the war, I have to win more battles than I lose.

I have some prizes I have come up with to help me get motivated to lose weight. Will it be enough to motivate me? So far it hasn’t.


Check back and see what my progress is. Leave a comment on the video that will support me on my journey.

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