Another Echo

I am not sure of the date on this one, but I got another Echo and what did that reveal? Let’s find out.

Another Echo

So the time came to check my heart and, and to see where it stands. If it is getting better or am I getting close to the death day.

I went to the Echo place and had to take off my shirt and get that cold wand put on my chest.

Fun, fun times.

Follow up

Once that was done I had a follow-up with my Dr. and she said Sorry Justin you are dying. OK, she didn’t say that, but she said that my heart has improved to 44%. Yea, it is still down below the standard of 55-65%. But it is better.

Up 5%

Yea, you might be thinking wow 5%, big deal. Yes, if I was in school and I went up that 5% I would still fail the class if I went from 39% to 44%. But if I went from 89% to 94%, then that is a B+ to an A. So it is a good thing that the heart is increasing.

Working out

No, I am not talking about working out, don’t assume that. But, things are working out for the better for me. There is still a long way to go. But it is all a work in progress, right? As long as I get better, then the outlook will be good. If I start to decline then well, it was nice blogging.


Of course, I did a video on YouTube, I am a YouTube machine. No, I am not but I did one. Check it out below.

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