Dad Jokes

As you can tell from the title, something called dad jokes is coming to the blog and YouTube Channel.

That is right

Starting on Sept. 4, 2023, which is Labor Day here in the States, there will be the following happening:

  • Post about dad jokes
  • Short over on YouTube
  • Pushed out to Social Media as well.


My kids said that my dad’s jokes were lame and that I needed to get some better ones. They picked up a box of dad jokes from T.J. Max for me one Christmas. I thought I might as well share the jokes around.

Other stuff coming

Now that college football is here, I will be doing a small recap of my favorite college football team. If you have looked at the website menu lately, you should know what it is. Those videos will come out on Sunday or the day after the game. 


You are thinking,

How can I get notified when the new posts come out?

Well, you can do a few things

The first thing is to fill out the following:

This is at the bottom of the page.

Over on YouTube, you can

  • Click on the subscribe button.
  • Click the bell notification.
  • Click the like button.

Follow me on social media. The links to all my social media are at the top right (on this page) and at the bottom right.


 Yep, I did a video over on YouTube.

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