Solar Panels

Yes, I did get some Solar panels.  Let me explain.


Yes, we have been talking about getting some solar panels for a long time. You know that alternative power source.  We have gone back and forth about doing this for the house for a while now. So we plugged the plug and got solar.

What Company

We went with Smart Wave Solar. A company out of Utah. They were professional and installed what we needed quickly. 

They have been in business for eight years.  They use the following:

  • Panels
    • From REC, Solar 4 America
  • Inverters
    • SMA
    • Emphases
  • Batteries
    • Sonnen
    • Lion Energy

They offer the following:

  • Workmanship Warranty
    • 25 years
  • Equipment Warranty
    • 25 years
  • NABCEP Cert
    • Yes
  • Purchasing options
    • Financing
    • Cash

They are located in Bluffdale, Utah.

My Setup

We have a total of 27 panels on the house. The one condition is that we have no panels on the front of the house. Smart Wave worked with us to make this happen.

We have two investors on the side of the house, which convert the power to move the power to the city. Yes, we are doing the net metering thing. We couldn’t afford the battery option.

We can disconnect from the city and power a few things in the house. No, this isn’t a whole-house power option. I wish it were, but I think that we would need a lot more panels.

My Thoughts

Right now, we are doing good on the power bill. It isn’t expensive anymore. We have been running the AC a lot this summer because my wife loves the cold air.  (She doesn’t like the heat).

We have had this installed since the last week of March 2023. There are some days where the amount of power generated isn’t a lot due to the cloud cover, but some power is generated.

We will have to see what the winter brings.


Smart Wave Solar didn’t pay me anything for this review. However, I make some referral money if I refer people to Smart Solar. If you want solar, please let me know, and I will refer you. I would appreciate it.  You can reach out via the form below the video.


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