My Wife walked into the kitchen one morning and said

“What the heck, how many cameras do you have?”

I said

“A few of them”

She said:

“Stop buying things since you aren’t making money on this crap.”

She left, and I stopped crying about an hour later.


I wasn’t crying; I was doing something I enjoy, and I always use the cameras.

The questions I ask myself

  • Was she just mad at me for having cameras?
  • Was she just mad at me for having a lot of cameras?
  • Was she just mad at me for doing something I wanted to do?

Things I could be doing:

  • I could be playing video games all day.
  • I could be doing drugs.
  • I could be drinking all day long.
  • I could be out killing people.
  • I could be stealing.
  • I could be watching some nasty stuff.

But, no, I was filming a cooking with Justin video one morning.


Here is a breakdown of the cameras I have access to.

Nikon D3400

We got to take pictures of this one a while back.

It does have a video mode but no audio. I don’t use this one often, but maybe it’s for some B-roll.

Action HD 1080

I got this one to film some videos on cruises and outings.

The audio isn’t great, and it “stopped” working, so I had to get a new one.

Osmo Pocket

I picked this one up in 2020, right before I went on my cruise before the world shut down.

This would take some getting used to. It was a small camera with some audio on it. It could accept an external mic with an adapter.


I like this camera as it is small and compact.

Osmo Action

I picked up this one because I wanted something better to film some videos of the upcoming new house build.

It does have internal audio, but it’s not the best. However, you can hook up external audio to this with an adapter.

Cannon EOS M50 Mark II 

I picked this up in late 2023 because I wanted a new one.

This one has some great video and internal audio. You can hook up an external mic, and all you need is this below to do so.

Osmo Action 4 

This is an excellent camera and very lovely for filming vlogs.

I picked this up because it has some tremendous internal mics, and I could hook up my DJI Wireless mic to it via USB C. Yes, USB C. Dang, that is good.

 I was filming a video with the Osmo Action one day and forgot the adapter.

So that sucks big time.

But as long as I bring my wireless mic case, everything will be good.


I have an iPad with cameras that allow me to make some videos.


Yes, I have an iPhone 15 Pro Max, and I use this to film videos.

 I can also connect my DJI mic to this via the USB-C port. Nice!!

There you GO

Those are the cameras I have at my disposal, eight of them. But that is what happens when you are a blogger. It would be best if you had some equipment to film it.


Was she justified in getting mad at me for having some cameras? I don’t think so. I am just doing what I do, but what the heck?


You know that I did.

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