Taco Soup

In this episode of Cooking with Justin, we will be making taco soup.

Episode 6

Taco soup is relatively easy; you can make it in a Crock Pot or on the stove. We like this in the Jenkins household. This is great for wintertime as it warms you up.

Taco Soup

Here are the ingredients for the soup.

  • 1 pound of hamburger
  • One can of Corn (15.25oz)
    • Whole Kennel
  • One can of Black Beans
    • 15.25 oz
  • One can of Pinto Beans
    • 15 oz
  • One can of petite diced tomatoes with green chilies
    • 15oz
  • Rach seasoning
  • Taco Seasoning


  1. Brown the hamburger and add to the pot
    1. Drain it
  2. Add corn with juice to the pot.
  3. Add tomatoes
  4. Drain and rinse and then add to pot
    1. Pinto
    2. Black
  5. Sprinkle a packet of ranch dressing over the top, or use a big bottle and sprinkle to your heart’s desires.
  6. Do the same for the Taco seasoning
  7. Cook on the stove under medium-high for about 15 to 30 min.
    1. Getting it up to a boil
  8. Enjoy

If you are doing it in a crockpot

On low for 6 hours

On high for 3 hours

If you would like

You can add whatever you would like. I add the following:

  • Honey BBQ Fritos
  • Some salsa
  • Sour Cream


I liked this soup; we make it all the time. It comes in handy on a cold winter day.


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